About our company

Just Groceries - Aduane w) fie a 3y3

Just Groceries is a food packaging and delivering to a doorstep program. It started about four (4) years ago in the United Kingdom by Global Development Solutions Limited, Crawley -(UK) when families living abroad needed to put smiles on the faces of their loved by providing food and other items in the house at any point in time.

Aside delivering to only families and relatives, the company took into consideration to forward this idea to various senior high schools and universities which management is still making provisions for.

Though people living abroad sent money directly to families and relatives to take care of the home, this program has really facilitated their plans since their loved ones can receive food items at any given point in time.

With the positive reviews received by the public worldwide, Also people at times demand for particular brands of food items and different food items outside the baskets of which the company takes into consideration since customer satisfaction is our priority.

The basket comes with a packaging and delivering cost which is included in the price attached to the basket. Food items includes kilos of rice, cooking oil, mackerel, sardines, tomato puree, evaporated milk, milo, tea leaf, biscuits, toiletries, washing powder among others some of which products are imported directly from the UK.